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better advise entrepreneurs than


Vistage offers its members an exclusive, proven management model to sustainably increase their business effectiveness and personal quality of life. More than 23.000 members in 20 countries worldwide trust our claim.

Vistage members achieve something that means more than individual consultants‘ opinions:  proven practical knowledge from other companies – openly discussed, questioned and put to the test for their own questions. Trust and reliability, interest neutrality and process depth, sustainability and credibility – these are the success factors for the Vistage network. Everyone takes responsibility, everyone learns from everyone. All in all, members of Vistage are successful entrepreneurs because they enable each other to specifically adapt tried and tested concepts for success and use them for their own company or for themselves.

Better insights.

You can not just google some answers. Vistage provides you with compelling, proven and directly applicable experiences and impulses for making better decisions. From new perspectives from the entrepreneurial groups and one-to-one discussions with your Vistage-Chair to the latest data-driven, immediately realizable findings from the Vistage Research Center.

Better leaders.

Growth is not a matter of course. Again and again, new challenges arise, and the demands on leadership development are also changing. Vistage helps you to identify new skills, competencies, and meaningful training that you need as an effective decision maker.

Better decisions.

Vistage helps you refine your instincts, improve your judgment and expand your prospects in a confidential, non-affair environment. For better decisions in less time.

Better results. 

Competition is omnipresent. It can be an engine or even a threat at the same time. However, as a Vistage Member, you have key benefits: you can validate ideas and strategies in a test group, get unbiased feedback on important topics, and count on the support of your group for difficult decisions.

What our members say

„The Vistage concept with lectures and suggestions, collegial group and individual coaching gives me important impulses for my further development as an entrepreneur and manager.
A strong support beyond seminars and ‚good‘ advice. „

Marc Desnizza
Managing Partner i2b Intelligence to Business GmbH
Member since 2018

„Vistage is a very efficient network for sharing knowledge and information for owners and executives.
The open and trusting atmosphere in the group, the high competence of the speakers, the intensity of the coaching are unique! „

Wolfgang Müller
Managing Partner hajo-strick GmbH
Member since 2013